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Honey peanut ice cream

I made my first attempt at honey peanut ice cream today. I have a sugar rush right now for reasons I'll explain. (I'll have some protein later to balance my blood sugar.)

I started by taking my typical sweet cream base (2 eggs, ½ cup sugar, 1 cup milk, 1 cup cream), and modified it to include honey. Tentatively, I figured...¼ cup xylitol and ¼ cup liquid honey. For peanut butter, I got natural unsweetened untexturized peanut butter extruded from a machine at a local health food store (it's part of my diet—the kind of peanut butter that is so real and so fresh that it must be refrigerated or it will go liquid and rancid). I made the ice cream as per usual, except I didn't add the honey nor the peanut butter until after the ice cream had already started mixing.

I added the honey first, almost immediately (may not have been wise, considering that the ice cream hadn't started to congeal yet, and honey tends to sink like a rock in liquid). Next, I started adding guestimates of peanut butter, tiny bit at a time (the peanut butter clumps at first, but it's eventually broken down by the Cuisinart's mixing blade) until it was sufficiently peanutty for me. After ten minutes or so, I tasted it, but I couldn't taste the honey, so I added a few small spoonfuls more (big mistake).

By the time the ice cream was done, I had realized my mistake. It was peanutty enough, but it was also too sugary, too sweet. Next time, I think maybe I'll add no granulated sugar, and put in only a third of a cup of honey for sweetener. I know that normally, granulated sweetener contributes to the overall texture of ice cream, so I'm thinking of perhaps adding an extra third of a cup of cream to the recipe.

When I washed the components afterward, I noticed that a the very bottom knob of the mixing blade had accumulated a significant amount of congealed honey. Additionally, there were a few modest-sized clumps of congealed honey in the ice cream itself.

Anyway, that's my attempt at honey peanut ice cream. I hope I can refine the recipe so that it won't be too sweet. Anyone care to suggest techniques and modifications to the recipe? ^^

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