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(Cross-posted to frozen_desserts)

I'm currently making a new batch of ice cream. This time, it is both sweetened and flavored with sucanat, or raw evaporated sugar cane juice. Sucanat is similar to brown sugar in composition, but is not at all sticky when dry, and pours more like dry grain. Sucanat is similar to brown sugar only in that it is naturally composed of white sugar and molasses, and that these components are separated from sucanat to form the white sugar and molasses each that most people are familiar with. Most brown sugar, on the other hand, is processed from white sugar with molasses readded, so that molasses coats the outside of each white sugar granule—this is why brown sugar is usually so sticky and slow to pour.

In this recipe, I've used two large eggs, ½ cup sucanat, 1 cup milk and 1 cup cream.

I'm still churning it. Let's see how it turns out. =3

[EDIT] It came out really well! :D It's like sweet cream ice cream, but with a pronounced light caramel color, and a pleasant molasses kick. This may very well be a perfect comfort snack. ^_^
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wow, this sounds really intriguing and yummy!

May I ask where you were able to buy the sucanat? A health food store, asian market?
To be honest, I'm not sure. My mom found it and shared some with me. Check the Internet? Google seems to suggest you can buy it at health food stores.
Intriguing product. I've tried to eat browner sugars, rather than the overprocessed chemical that white sugar really is.

I have to try Palm sugar too - which I've found in compressed blocks at Asian grocers and some supermarkets (australia)