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Cookies and dark cream

This recipe started as an attempt to make a poorman's cookies and cream, but it turned into something far better. In this recipe, the cream actually darkens. It also uses brown sugar because I was out of white sugar the first time—I haven't used white sugar for it since.
2  large  eggs
½   cup   brown sugar
1   cup   milk
1   cup   heavy whipping cream
½ package Oreo cookies
First, the Oreos must be crushed into small pieces. This can be done in a plastic Ziploc-style bag with hands and/or a rolling pin, until all the cookies are broken into pieces small enough for the ice cream maker. Have a rubber scraper ready for later. For the ice cream base, whisk eggs for a few minutes until they are completely blended, light and fluffy. Add brown sugar, and whisk until reasonably blended. Add milk and cream, and whisk until sugar is dissolved and blended. Add to ice cream maker, and make as per manufacturer's instructions. During the making process, wait for the ice cream to just start to stiffen and hold its own shape, and then start adding Oreo pieces and crumbs. It may be necessary to tear open the Ziploc-style bag at its seams to get all the crumbs. Next, use the scraper to scrape all the cream caked to the inside of the bag, and add it to the ice cream maker. Finish the making process. Makes a graceously generous quart. The molasses and Oreo cream help texturize the ice cream so that it does not stiffen as easily when frozen.
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