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Lemon ice cream

Today I made lemon ice cream, using real lemons. I slightly altered the sweet cream recipe by doubling the sugar to make up for the sourness of the lemons. In my experience, if you add the lemons last before putting the mixture into the ice cream mixture, the cream doesn't curdle noticeably, and the result is a success.
2 large eggs
1  cup  sugar or sugar substitute
1  cup  milk
1  cup  heavy cream
½  cup  lemon juice or 4 lemons' juice
As per usual recipes, whisk eggs for a few minutes until light and fluffy. Add sugar, and whisk until reasonably blended. Add milk and cream, and whisk until blended and sugar has dissolved. If necessary, rechill mixture now for 15 minutes or less. Make in ice cream maker as per manufacturer's instructions. Makes a generous quart.
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