Squirrel (ginger0squirrel) wrote in icecreamgeeks,

Ice Cream Scoop Survey

Hello everyone.

I just joined the community and I was hoping this will not be considered off-topic, as it does have to deal with ice cream.

My boyfriend is going to school for design and he chose his product to be an ice cream scooper and needs some input so he can figure out what he wants his product to feature.

If you wouldn't mind going to this entry, I would appreciate it.

If this happens to off topic then feel free to delete this.

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I can give you some advice for sure. As a manager of a high volume, high quality (Top 10 in Nation Rank), privately owned ice cream shop, I know exactly what's needed.

1. Consistent scoop size: I want the same shape and ounces served every time.

2. Easy Ice Cream removal: You know those "press the thumb trigger and the blade kicks the ice cream out" scoops? Those are super. Fast service=Happy Customers.

3. Durability: No serving utensil is abused and stressed more than an ice cream scooper. The "neck" and the "blade" need to be designed to last more than 3 summer months of constant, daily use.

If you hit those three things, I'd be willing to pay more than I currently buy scoops for. Right now I can get scoops with #1 and #2 but NOT #3. It sucks to shell out for 30 scoops knowing that 10 of them won't survive the first 2 weeks and will have to be scrapped for parts.